Against Sun and Dust

Stuart Middleton

Ivan Cheng

PLO man

Curators: Attilia Fattori Franchini, Niccolò Gravina and Ruggero Pietromarchi.

The conflict between the complexity of individual memory processes and collective narratives can be an opportunity for new experimentations on the notion of historiography, which constitutes the subject of the fourth edition of Against Sun and Dust: Anti Historia.

By analyzing the history of Villa Imperiale, we will focus on the difficulties of reconstructions, methodological uncertainties, and mythologies that can generate expressive energy. Starting from these critical issues, symptoms of the irreducibility of perceptions to the structures of discourse, artists are invited to force their languages.

Anti Historia is the attempt to undermine the tendency to the univocity of historical restitution, to unveil the paradoxes and contradictions from which the desire to express oneself arises.

Installations will be on view until October 7th, 2023, during Villa Imperiale opening days. For information [email protected] / IG @against_sun_and_dust

Against Sun and Dust is a project curated by Cornelia Mattiacci and Alessandra Castelbarco Albani. It is presented by Il Teatro degli Artisti and supported by Regione Marche.

Ivan Cheng's performance is produced by INCURVA.

Giga Design Studio, I had a monumental meltdown, 2023
Visual source: No Text Azienda, ASD23 - Anti Historia - Involuntary Sensory Experience Update, 2023 / from R. Liverani, View of Villa Imperiale in Pesaro, mid-XIX century