Against Sun and Dust, 5th Edition


Curated by Cornelia Mattiacci and Alessandra Castelbarco Albani, with Ruggero Pietromarchi

Now in its fifth edition, Against Sun and Dust presents an exhibition of the artist Cyprien Gaillard, comprising new and recent works on view at Villa Imperiale.

The endurance of the Villa is observed, as a monolithic body exposed for centuries to direct sunlight. Framing the area of San Bartolo Natural Park, the gaze expands to the recent history of the building, tourism and consumer boom that contributed to the local phenomenon known as Riviera club culture. The project is a new occasion for Gaillard to test the sense of occupation and transformation of natural space, the preservation of the architectural and geological stratification, and the lacerations left from the rise and fall of historical or contemporary utopias.

On view from July 6th to October 26th during Villa Imperiale opening days.

Pesaro Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2024

The show is held in the context of the project "Dalle sculture nella città all’arte delle comunità" curated by Marcello Smarrelli // City area n. 6, San Bartolo

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Giga Design Studio, I hade a monumental meltdown, 2023 // Source Image: Cyprien Gaillard, Absorbent Figure, 2023, ph. Max Paul